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Born in Tokyo, Japan, Satsuki Okawa graduated from Nihon University College of Art. To pursuit her career internationally, Satsuki relocated to Scotland, UK, then to NYC where she attended Columbia University for MFA. She graduated with her award winning thesis film Tidy Up in 2011.


In 2013, Satsuki was commissioned to write/direct a short film, Koyuki’s Wandering Football for the Japanese Professional Football League (J-League). The film was released in May of that year as part of the J-league’s 20 years anniversary project and travelled around the festival circuit including Canne Film Festival Short Film Corner.


Her most notable work is Little Kyota Neon Hood (short film, 2012), which went on to gain acclaim on the international film festival circuit. The film not only won numerous awards domestically, but internationally. She recently finished the sequel, Little Kyota Errand Hood (2014).


In the same year, Satsuki was also selected as one of two filmmakers to direct a short film for Lexus and The Weinstein Company, as a part of their collaboration project LEXUS SHORT FILMS. Her short, Operation Barn Owl was premiered at NYC and LA in summer of 2014. The film went online where it exceeded over one million views within two weeks of its release. She recently completed her first feature Little Kyota Neon Hood which will be released in 2016. 



東京生まれ。日本大学芸術学部映画学科卒業後、渡英。のちにNY のコロンビア大学大学院映画学科入学の為に渡米。2008年にはハリウッド外国人映画記者協会(Hollywood Foreign Press Association)から奨学金を授与される。卒業制作『タイディ・アップ』はショートショートフィルムフェスティバルを始め、本作は国内外の様々な映画祭で上映され、ハリウッドの映画祭では最優秀短編映画賞を受賞した。




前作『京太の放課後』の成功を受けて、続編『京太のおつかい』(2014) を完成。ゆうばり国際ファンタスティック映画祭での特別上映を初め、国内、ブラジル、米国の映画祭で入選を果たす。また同年、レクサスと米国の映画会社ワインスタイン社が手がける短編映画プロジェクト「Lexus Short Films」の監督に抜擢。ハリウッドで制作された新作『Operation Barn Owl』はNY、LAの二都市でプレミア公開後ネット配信され、一週間で再生回数100万件を達成。現在、長編デビュー作『リトル京太の冒険』(2016)の公開を控えている。


Photo by Steven Chalmers

2016   Little Kyota Neon Hood  リトル京太の冒険   Feature 82mins Japan 


Release date TBC


2014   Operation Barn Owl  オペレーション・バーン・アウル   Short 14mins USA(視聴はこちらをクリック)


Lady Filmmakers Film Festival  Best Romance Award

Rhodes Island International Film Festival, LA Short Fest, Heartland Film Festival, Holly Short Film Festival,

New Filmmaker’s Los Angeles, Portland Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival (USA), First Glance Film Festival, San Jose International Film Festival, New Hampshere Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia


Little Kyota Errand Hood  京太のおつかい   Short 20mins Japan


Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, New York Japan Cinefest,

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Aichi International Womens Film Festival, Sapporo Short Fest,

Kiryu Film Festival and more.


2013 Koyuki’s Wandering Football  旅するボール Short 17mins Japan(視聴はこちらをクリック)

Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in Mexico

Kaohsiung Film Festival, Sendai Short Film Festival, Mito Short Film Festival and more.


2012 Little Kyota Neon Hood   京太の放課後   Short 20mins Japan


Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil)  Best 10 International Film

Ayjal Youth Film Festival (Qatar)  Best Shot Film

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People (Greece)  Best Short Film

New York Japan Cinefest   Audience Award

Yubari Int’ Fantastic Film Festival  Best Live Action Short Film, Surprise Award for Best Live Action Short Film

Shimokitazawa Film Festival  Best Short Film

Yamagata International Movie Festival  Runner up Award

Tateshina Ozu Film Festival Honorable Mention

Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Germany), Gulf Film Festival (UAE), Heartland Film Festival

Rhodes Island International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Athens Int’ TV&Video Film Festival

Roving Eye Film Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan), Glasgow Short Film Festival, IFVA Award (Hong Kong),

Kin Int’ Womens Film Festival (Armenia), Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, SKIP D City International Film Festival,

Old Town Taito Film Festival, Sapporo Short Fest, Focus on Asia, Kiryu Film Festival and more.


2011 Tidy Up   タイディ・アップ   Short 15mins Japan/USA


LA Eiga Fest LA   Best Short Film

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Glasgow Short Film Festival,

Lone Start International Film Festival, Cambodia International Film Festival, Bug Muddy Film Festival,

IFS Independent Filmmakers Showcase, Seoul International Womens Film Festival and more.







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